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Our Bodies Our Doctors: Film and Q&A featuring Julie Burkhart & Trust Women

Julie Burkhart, founder of Trust Women, participated in a Q&A following a limited online screening of the film Our Bodies Our Doctors at the rePRO Film Festival. 

This discussion brought to light current laws and policies prohibiting both abortion providers from offering care, and the women who need it from accessing it.  The panel's discussion is available for viewing below.


Our Bodies Our Doctors Poster

Call-to-Action Conversations: Access to Abortion

OUR BODIES OUR DOCTORS tells the rarely-discussed story of what it means to be an abortion provider today. This film provides a crucial, hopeful point of view: an intimate glimpse into the lives of these courageous providers who have devoted their careers to ensuring women have access to skilled, compassionate care despite confronting threats of violence and facing intensified political threats and efforts to criminalize abortion.