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Primary Election Votor Guide

Trust Women is a 501(c)3 organization and neither endorses nor opposes any candidate.

In July we mailed a candidate questionnaire to each candidate running for office in the upcoming state and federal primary election, regardless of affiliation with any party or organization.

The answers provided do not denote any affiliation or endorsement by Trust Women, nor does a candidate’s choice to participate in our questionnaire signify affiliation or endorsement.

The endorsements we have included along with our questionnaire responses are those given by the anti-choice organizations Kansans for Life in Kansas and Free the States in Oklahoma, and the pro-choice organization Planned Parenthood.

Yes and No answers and any additional comments about the questions we asked candidates are included in this document. The voting record on issues of reproductive rights of each candidate already serving in public office is listed in this document as well.

Choose the approriate voter guide for your location below.