We’re committed to helping those seeking gender-affirming care in Oklahoma get access to resources needed to be their authentic selves.

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Types of Services

Gender-affirming care is life-saving medical care for trans, non-binary, and two-spirit people, and Trust Women’s OKC clinic is dedicated to expanding access to gender-affirming health care for people in all stages of life.

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Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is a treatment that helps people who feel uneasy about their body matching their gender. Estrogen is used to block testosterone and make someone look more feminine, with breasts and curvier hips. Testosterone can make the voice deeper and help grow more body and facial hair, and will also stop menstruation. Hormone therapy can assist transgender and non-binary people in matching their bodies to their gender identity. 

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Legal & Surgical Service Referrals

There are many aspects to affirming care including surgical options. Our clinic can provide patients with referrals to surgeons who can continue gender-affirming care through surgery including what is commonly referred to as “top surgery” and “bottom surgery” (although there are many other types of gender-affirming procedures, including voice and facial surgeries). Our team can also refer patients to legal resources from Freedom Oklahoma for changing names and gender markers on their birth certificates. 


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Puberty and Hormone Blockers

Puberty blockers are a safe and common medication used to delay the onset of changes that occur during puberty. Blockers stop the body from making sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. For gender-diverse youth that are also experiencing gender dysphoria, delaying puberty can improve mental well-being and ease symptoms of anxiety or depression. The State of Oklahoma has banned gender-affirming care for minors and Trust Women OKC is no longer offering these services in state. Please call us for more information or out-of-state referral options. 

Queer Closet for Donating or Receiving Gently Used Items

Queer Closet for Donating or Receiving Gently Used Items

Clothing and items including undergarments help with social transition. These products are provided free of charge. Clothing donations may be gently used. Undergarments can be donated if they are new. 

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