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Voter Guides

Trust Women voter guides are provided for your reference. Trust Women is a 501(c)3 and neither endorses nor opposes any candidates.

We mailed a candidate questionnaire to each candidate running for office in the Kansas and Oklahoma state general elections, regardless of affiliation to any party or organization.

The answers provided do not denote any affiliation or endorsement by Trust Women. A candidate’s choice to participate in our questionnaire does not signify affiliation or endorsement.

The only endorsements we have included in our voter guide are those given by Kansans for Life, an anti-choice organization, or Oklahomans for Life, an anti-choice organization.

The voter guide is listed according to the office and numerically by district per each office. For example, if you were looking for Kansas Senate candidates in District 16, you would click on the Kansas voter guide, look for the Kansas Senate category and follow the numerical order until you find District 16.

We hope you find the information below helpful in your decisions for the general election.