Self-Managed Abortions

There are more pregnancy management options available to our communities than ever before. While many people will always prefer a clinical environment when accessing medical care, for some, self-managing their abortions fits better with their unique life circumstances. Whether or not you choose to visit our clinic for your abortion, or you opt to self-manage, your choice is valid. 

What is self-managed abortion?

A self-managed abortion refers to abortions that take place outside a medical or clinical setting. Some people may choose to self-manage their abortion in their home or other safe place because it is more comfortable or gives them a greater sense of control and community.

Is it safe?

Research has consistently affirmed the safety of medication abortions--the most common form of self-managed abortions. Some people may choose to order medication online, or work with an abortion doula to induce their abortion.

Where can I learn more about self-managing my abortion?

For general information about SMA, as well as up-to-date info on the legality of self-managing abortions in your own state, please visit the Repro Legal Hotline>>

Abortion On Our Own Terms has resources and excellent information for people interested in self-managing their abortion>>

SASS (Self-Managed Abortion; Safe & Supported) provides clear info on SMAs and more>>

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