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Media Kit

What is Trust Women Foundation?

Trust Women Foundation is a leading pro-choice and reproductive justice organization.

Trust Women, founded in 2009 after the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, opens clinics that provide abortion care in underserved communities so that all women can make their own decisions about their health care.

Even though Roe v. Wade still stands and abortions remain legal, women must have access to abortion providers to truly make reproductive decisions for themselves. Lack of access is a serious problem for women living in the Midwest and South.

Our Founder and CEO Julie A. Burkhart

Julie Burkhart is the founder and CEO of Trust Women.

She worked side by side with Dr. Tiller for seven years. Ms. Burkhart first began working with him as the Chair for the Wichita Choice Alliance. It was there that she led the community response against the anti-choice organizations that were attempting to “finish the job” and shut down Women’s Health Care Services, Dr. Tiller’s clinic, during the 2001 Summer of Mercy Renewal. Ms. Burkhart was the spokesperson for his clinic between 2002 and 2006.

She founded Trust Women after Dr. Tiller’s murder because she believed it was unconscionable that Wichita be without an abortion clinic. At the time, Wichita was the largest metropolitan area in the United States without an abortion provider.

Our Clinics

Trust Women operates three clinics: Trust Women Wichita, Trust Women Oklahoma City and Trust Women Seattle. Trust Women Wichita opened April 3, 2013. The second clinic opened Sept. 10, 2016, in Oklahoma City. Trust Women assumed operations of the Seattle clinic, now renamed to Trust Women Seattle, in June 2017.  

The clinics offer high-quality reproductive health care, including abortion. Services include, but are not limited to transgender care, HIV/AIDS testing, well woman exams, contraception services and access for those in underserved communities.

Patient Comments

Please click here to read some of our patients’ comments. If you would like to try to interview some of our patients, please reach out to our media contact.