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December 2015

Dr. George Tiller's Co-Worker: Planned Parenthood Shooting is A Scary Reminder.: Time Magazine (12/01/15)

November 2015

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are Full of Deceit: Wichita Eagle (11/18/15)

August 2015

Combat Domestic Violence: Wichita Eagle (08/27/15)

No Report on Fetal Issue in 15 Years: AP News (08/06/15)

July 2015

State, locals react to videos: Ark City Traveler (07/29/15)

Letter to the Editor regarding Fetal Pain: Wichita Eagle (07/28/15)

Kansas Governor Calls for Investigation into Planned Parenthood: KMUW (07/22/15)

June 2015

Access to Contraception and Comprehensive Sex Education Reduce Need for Abortions: Huffpost (06/18/15)

Honoring Dr. George Tiller: Huffpost (06/02/15)

May 2015

Why the Murder of an Abortion Provider Resonates Six Years Later: Mic (05/31/15)

Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. George Tiller: Refinery29 (05/30/15)

Charles Robinson and George Tiller: Two Physicians Who Fought for Justice in a Turbulent Kansas: RH Reality Check (05/29/15)

April 2015

Brownback reaches peak Caligula, stages weird re-enactments of abortion ban signing: Salon (04/30/15)

Kansas Governor Tours to Celebrate Ending Abortions After the First Trimesters: Care2 (04/29/15)

Kansas Gov. Brownback stages weird ‘re-enactments’ of himself signing anti-abortion bill: Raw Story (04/29/15)

Governor Visits Bishop Carroll High School for Anti-Abortion Bill: KAKE (04/28/15)

Brownback holds ceremonial signings; prochoice groups react: WIBW (04/28/15)

In Bizarre Stunt, Governor Pretends to Sign Extreme Abortion Bill for Group of Teenagers: ThinkProgress (04/28/15)

Kanas AG seeks up to 450,000 to defend anti-abortion law: AP News (04/27/15)

First in the Nation: New Abortion Restrictions in Kansas: American Prospect (04/24/15)

Kansas’ anti-choice horror: Sam Brownback outlaws the safest technique for second-trimester abortions: Salon (04/08/15)

Kansas is First State to Ban Abortion in the Second Trimester As Lawmakers Continue to Push Women’s Rights Back: Bustle (04/08/15)

Kansas becomes first state to ban a common abortion procedure: Independent (04/08/15)

Kansas just outlawed a common abortion procedure and more states could follow: Policy.Mic (04/08/15)

Kansas Limits Abortion Method, Opening a new Line of Attack: New York Times (04/07/15)

Kansas Governor Signs ‘Dangerous’ Anti-choice Bill into Law: RH Reality Check (04/07/15)

Kansas first to ban second-trimester procedure: Al Jazeera (04/07/15)

March 2015

Kansas Legislature Passes Ban on 2nd Trimester Abortion Procedure: Cosmopolitan (03/27/15)

Kansas Legislature Passes First in the Nation Abortion Procedure Ban:Huffington Post (03/26/15)

Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester procedure: AP News (03/25/15)

Kansas lawmaker says abortion ‘holocaust against fetuses’: AP News (03/09/15)

Kansas lawmaker compares abortion to Holocaust: AP News (03/09/15)

House panel delves into ‘dismemberment’ abortion bill: Topeka Capitol Journal (03/09/15)

February 2015

Every Woman: Interview with Julie Burkhart: KKFI (02/28/15)

What it’s like to be an activist when your state is hostile to reproductive rights: Cosmopolitan (02/24/15)

Kansas Senate Votes to Ban Procedure Critical to Miscarriage Management, Abortion: RH Reality Check (02/23/15)

Kansas Senate approves proposed ban on abortion procedure: AP News (02/20/15)

Kansas May Be First State to Ban Common Abortion Procedure: PBS News Hour (02/20/15)

Kansas Senate Gives Initial Passage to Bill Restricting Abortion Procedure: Wichita Eagle (02/19/15)

Legislators, leave women alone: Topeka Capitol-Journal (02/16/15)

Anti-abortion Terrorism: Slate (02/12/15)

Kansas Senate Panel Approves Bill to Ban Abortions: AP News (02/12/15)

Grisly Language Propels Kansas Abortion Bill as U.S. Model: Bloomberg (02/09/15)

Most Second-Trimester Abortions in Kansas Could Soon Be Illegal: Cosmopolitan (02/03/15)

Kansas Abortion Bill Could Have Broad Impact, Advocates Say: AP News (02/02/15)

January 2015

The Next Anti-Abortion Strategy Lurking Around the Corner: ThinkProgress (01/31/15)

Anti-Choice Extremists Target Abortion Clinic Director in Kansas: Ms. Magazine (01/26/15)

How States are Playing Politics with Women’s Bodies: CNN (01/22/15)

Not Pro-life: Wichita Eagle (01/20/15)

Kansas legislators expected to introduce bill that would effectively ban abortion at 14 weeks: RH Reality Check (01/15/15)

Senate Bill Seeks Ban on “Dismemberment Abortions”: Topeka Capitol Journal (01/14/15)

Kansans for Life behind bill to ban certain types of abortions: Wichita Eagle (01/14/15)


October 2014

Let women, not anti-choice zealots, make their health decisions: LA Times (10/15/14)

September 2014

Out-of-State Abortion Providers Ready to Treat More Missouri Women: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (09/25/14)

Contraception is Power: The Wichita Eagle (09/24/14)

After Tiller, Wichita center remains dedicated to the cause: The Gayly (09/01/14)

August 2014

A Tale of Two Abortion Wars: Pacific Standard Magazine (08/25/14)

Closing of KCK abortion clinic is a sign of the times: Kansas City Star (08/02/14)

July 2014

Abortion Rights Activists Laud Film: AP News (07/10/14)

June 2014

Effect of Supreme Court’s contraception ruling on employees could be limited, two experts say: Wichita Eagle (06/30/14)

FEC dismisses Operation Rescue’s complaint against Trust Women’s PAC: Wichita Eagle (06/27/14)

“Do what we tell you to do, or we will kill you.”: Salon (06/26/14)

Case Against Kansas Abortion Rights PAC Dismissed: AP News (6/26/14)

5 Years After Dr. George Tiller’s Murder, a Doctor Braves Threats to Continue Abortion in Wichita: Democracy Now (06/04/14)

May 2014

Five years after George Tiller’s death, abortion battle persists: Melissa Harris-Perry (05/31/14)

Five years after Dr. Tiller’s death: KSN (05/31/14)

Julie Burkhart remembers Dr. George Tiller: KWCH (5/31/14)

Abortion services return to town where George Tiller was murdered: NPR (05/31/14)

New restrictions on abortion enacted: MSNBC Live (05/31/14)

Five Years After Dr. Tiller’s Death, It’s Still Dangerous to be an Abortion Provider: Think Progress (05/30/14)

Five years after a doctor’s murder, women carry on his legacy: MSNBC (05/30/14)

“His murder did not stop us”: Meet the women keeping George Tiller’s legacy alive in Wichita: Salon (05/30/14)

Abortion-rights groups remember George Tiller on fifth anniversary of his death: Wichita Eagle (05/30/14)

Abortion-rights groups remember George Tiller on fifth anniversary of his death: Kansas City Star (05/30/14)

Listen to the experts: Salina Journal (05/28/14)

Crossing the Cedar Fence: Discussing Abortion on the Anniversary of Dr. Tiller’s Murder: KMUW (05/27/14)

Reconsider vote: Wichita Eagle (05/27/14)

All In America: The battle for healthcare: All in with Chris Hayes (05/23/14)

Fighting for the Right to Choose: All in with Chris Hayes (05/23/14)

Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show goes ‘All In’ on Kansas: Kansas City Star (05/15/14)

MSNBC program to feature issues pertinent to Wichita, Kansas: Wichita Business Journal (05/15/14)

moma-Reporter: Abtreibungskliniken in den USA: ARD Germany (05/05/14)

April 2014

One year after opening, South Wind Clinic reports performing 1,200 abortions: Wichita Eagle (04/03/14)

March 2014

Julie Burkhart: the Woman Who Won't Back Down: MORE Magazine (03/01/14)

January 2014

State Victories Create Dilemma for Abortion Foes: AP News (01/22/14)

Gov. Brownback's anti-abortion remark gets mixed reviews: KAKE (01/16/14)

Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones: KSN (01/15/14)

Scott Roeder Appeal Set in First Degree Murder Case of Dr. George Tiller: KMUW (01/09/2014)


December 2013

· Huelskamp joins students to protest abortion at Wichita women's clinic: Wichita Eagle (12/6/13)

· Huelskamp joins students to protest abortion at Wichita women's clinic: Kansas City Star (12/6/13)

· Students organize protest at South Wind Women's Center: KAKE (12/6/13)

· Kansas congressman joins a group of schoolchildren to protest Dr. Tiller's former abortion clinic: Think Progress (12/6/13)

November 2013

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March 2013

February 2013

Tiller’s former abortion clinic beefs up security in preparations for reopening - Raw Story (2.25.2013)

As Dr. Tiller’s Abortion Clinic Prepares To Re-Open, Tightened Security Is Top Priority - ThinkProgress (2.25.2013)

Anti-Choicers Fail in Effort to Re-Zone New Kansas Clinic - RH Reality Check (2.24.2013)

Abortion clinic considers security in preparation for reopening - KWCH (2.24.2013)

Planning commission says it won't rezone abortion clinic site - Wichita Eagle (2.21.2013)

Wichita Abortion Clinic - New York Times (2.21.2013)

Opponents, supporters of abortion bill square off - Lawrence Journal-World (2.20.2013)

Activist Fights to Reopen Clinic of Slain Dr. George Tiller - Fox News Talk Radio (2.19.2013)

Reopening Dr. Tiller’s former abortion clinic: Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell (2/15/2013)

Four Years Later, Slain Abortion Doctor’s Aide Steps Into the Void: New York Times (02/14/2013)

"We're Not Going To Be Pushed Around by the Antis": Mother Jones (02/11/2013)

South Wind Women’s Center prepares to open, offer women’s care: Wichita Eagle (2/07/2013)

January 2013

Tiller’s Wichita Clinic to Reopen This Spring: Kansas Public Radio (01/27/2013)

In Wichita, the Ground Zero of the Abortion War, a New Clinic Rises: The Daily Beast (01/25/2013)

Controversial Kansas abortion clinic to reopen this spring: Reuters (01/22/2013)

States Become Battlegrounds for Nations Deep Abortion Divide: National Public Radio (01/22/2013)

New Wichita abortion clinic prepares to open: Kansas City Star (01/19/2013)

"Defending Roe at 40": The Nation (01/18/2013)

Kansas Abortion Clinic Remodeling to Meet New Regs: San Francisco Gate (01/08/2012)

Anti-Abortion Group Launches Petition Drive Against Clinic Plan: Wichita Eagle (01/08/2013)


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