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Read news coverage about the important work Trust Women does to help ensure women have access to and control over their reproductive rights.

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Trust Women staff members are experts about reproductive justice, abortion care, women’s rights, equal rights and LGBTQIA issues.

April 2019

Julie A. Burkhart: HCR 5004 would eliminate medical choices for women: The Topeka Capitol Journal (4/18/19)

Controversial abortion 'reversal' bill sent to Oklahoma governor: The Daily Oklahoman (4/17/19)

‘Unplanned’ is soft propaganda that normalizes the extreme in our society: The Wichita Eagle (4/17/19)

Giving rights to a fetus would subtract rights from women: The Hill (4/5/19)

Abortion clinics in the US: "Our doctors are outlawed": Teller Report (4/4/19) 

Abortion clinics in the US: "Our doctors are ostracized": Spiegel (4/4/19)

March 2019

Kansas lawmakers seek amending Kansas Constitution to ban abortion: The Bulletin (3/22/19) 

Proposed personhood amendment to Bill of Rights inspires clash of abortion activists: The Topeka Capitol Journal (3/21/19)

Wild debate leads to passage of Kansas resolution decrying New York abortion law: The Topeka Capitol Journal (3/12/2019)

Anti-choice movement is like reproductive coercion, but on a broader scale: The Hill (3/06/19)

February 2019

Compassion missing from the debate over later-term abortion: Kansas City Star (2/27/19)

Lawmakers should focus on Kansas issues: Topeka Capitol Journal (2/15/19)

With eye on Supreme Court, Missouri Republicans file flurry of anti-abortion bills: Kansas City Star (2/10/19)

December 2018

As access to abortion gets harder in the US, women turn to an online service in the Netherlands: Public Radio International (12/17/18) 

Abortion-rights group seeks to block new Kansas law on telemedicine abortions: The Topeka Capitol Journal (12/14/18) 

 Independent Abortion Provider Staffers Open Up About Their Work & What Keeps Them Going: Bustle (12/18/18) 

Home is one of the most dangerous places for women-how can we fix it?: The Hill (12/15/18)

This could be the future of abortion access in the US: BEME News, Neha Shastry (12/05/2018)

Kansas can't block funds to Medicaid after Supreme Court won't hear appeal: The Associated Press, Nick Viviani (12/10/2018) 

November 2018

Wichita Clinic Challenges Kansas Law Banning Medication Abortions Via Telemedicine; KCUR; Dan Margolies (11/09/2018)

National group challenges Kansas telemedicine abortion ban on behalf of Wichita clinic; The Wichita Eagle; Dion Lefler (11/08/2018)

Clinics That Provide Abortions Anxious After An Uptick In Threats Of Violence; All Things Considered; Sarah MacCammon (11/10/2018)

Group challenges Kansas ban on telemedicine abortions; Associated Press; New York Times (11/8/2018)

Pro-choice organization files lawsuit challenging controversial provision of new Kansas abortion law; By Tim Carpenter; Topeka Capitol-Journal (11/8/2018)

Kansas Telemedicine Abortion Restrictions Challenged; Bloomberg Law (11/8/2018)

October 2018

People touched by past political violence rattled by bomb scare; Associated Press (10/27/2018)

After Kavanaugh's nomination, what do we do now? by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (10/12/2018)

Episode 23: Abortion Provider Travels Across States to Administer Care: Mic Dispatch (10/4/2018)

Women fear for their safety and loss of rights if US abortion laws change; Sky News UK (10/1/2018)

States must step up and defend our rights to abortion; by Julie Burkhart; Sky News UK (10/2/2018)

September 2018

My Fellow Kansans: The Summer of Mercy; NPR; My Fellow Kansans (9/24/2018)

Kansas' Abortion Past Could Foretell Its Future; NPR; All Things Considered (9/4/2018)

August 2018

Overturning Roe threatens so much more than the right to an abortion; by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (8/29/2018)

In Kansas Democratic primary, it was the best campaign that won; by Julie Burkhart: Wichita Eagle (8/30/2018)

July 2018

The terror of a future without Roe; by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (7/14/2018)

Abortion rights are already under attack; what happens if the SCOTUS overturns Roe?  KALW: (7/17/2018)

Anti-abortion past haunts Kansas Democratic governor hopeful; Associated Press: John Hanna (7/6/2018)

June 2018

HHS official to abortion opponents: ‘We’re just getting started’; Wichita Eagle (6/29/2018)

Abortion refusal laws are not about religion, but about control; by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (6/6/2018)

May 2018

The view from Trust Women's new Seattle branch is bright; Seattle Times: Nicole Brodeur (5/1/2018)

Woman who shot Kansas abortion doctor moved to halfway house; Associated Press (5/22/2018)

April 2018

No, the March for Our Lives school walkout is not the same as pro-life school walkout, by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (4/10/2018)

Kansas Supreme Court abortion ruling could affect abortion fight in other states: Wichita Eagle (4/6/2018)

March 2018

Seattle Abortion Providers Weigh in on Reproductive Parity Act: SeattleWeekly (3/13/2018)

Trump’s administration tries to block abortions while trying to break up families, by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (03/06/2018)

February 2018

Kansans wise to Colyer’s abortion move, by Julie Burkhart: The Wichita Eagle (2/23/2018)

January 2018

Hundreds gather at Capitol to show support of life: KSN (01/23/2018)

Hundreds gather for Women's March outside City Hall: KFDI-FM 101.3 (01/22/2018)

“Hear Our Vote:” Women’s March on Air Capital takes to City Hall: The Wichita Sunflower (01/20/2018) 

December 2017

Trusting women isn’t a question of political party, it’s a question of personal integrity, by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (12/12/2017)

October 2017

Jane Doe reminds us that our rights hang in the balance, by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (10/30/2017)

September 2017

Are Women Capable of Making Their Own Health Choices? by Julie Burkhart: The Hill (08/08/2017)

July 2017

 The Brownback legacy: He touts pro-life work. Skeptics point to damaging tax cuts: CJonline (07/30/2017)

Kansas Law Requires Abortion Doctors to Give Patients Their Resumes — in a Specific Font: Popsugar (7/27/2017)

The Smartest Man in the World podcast: Greg Proops at the ACM Performance Lab in Oklahoma City (7/15/17)

Hey, Democratic Candidates: Pro-Choice Women Are Your Base: The Nation  (7/13/17)

Anti-Choice Legal Attacks Make It Harder to Access Clinics Themselves: Rewire (7/11/17)

June 2017

KMUW’s Aileen LeBlanc, Carla Eckels Win National Murrow Award: KMUW (6/21/17)

Advocates are fighting baseless anti-abortion laws state by state: Ms. Magazine (6/21/17)

Behind the numbers: How to make sense of Utah’s abortion rate for married women: Deseret News (6/14/17)

Abortion sign law faces uncertain future without funding: CNHI (6/9/17)

If Trump is pro-life, why did he pull out of the Paris agreement?: The Hill (6/8/17)

Brownback signs abortion measure that sets font, info requirements: The Wichita Eagle (6/7/17)

May 2017

Reproductive choice: The Wichita Eagle (5/18/17)

Women are dying in America — why aren’t lawmakers helping: The Hill (5/18/17)

7 Abortion Restrictions That Scientifically Make No Sense, According to Research: Bustle (5/10/17)

Abortion group says Kansas abortion laws not backed by science: KWCH (5/9/2017)

Guttmacher analysis says Kansas abortion laws ‘flout the science’: The Wichita Eagle (5/9/2017)

April 2017

Free contraception would be a win-win: The Wichita Eagle (4/15/2017)

March 2017

Long-Acting Contraception Offered for Free to Qualifying Women: The Wichita Eagle (3/31/2017)

Thoughtless Words: The Wichita Eagle (3/31/17)

Kansas Supreme Court Hears Arguments in State Abortion Rights Case: KMUW (3/16/17)

Court considers whether constitution protects right to an abortion: The Wichita Eagle (3/16/17)

Supporting Planned Parenthood is Great, But Abortion Clinics Need Help Too: Elite Daily (3/10/17)

February 2017

Health choice: Kansas City Star (2/28/17)

What TV Abortions Get Wrong and What Creators Can Do Better: Glamour (2/22/17)

After Late Push, Pro-Choice Democrat Will Run in Kansas Special Election: Rewire (2/22/2017)

A New Oklahoma Abortion Bill Would Require Women to Get Permission for Abortions: SELF (2/7/17)

Bill sparks font fight over info provided before abortion: The Wichita Eagle (2/7/17)

January 2017

Women Get Deeply Honest about Why They Had Abortions as Moms: Redbook (1/22/17)

What Abortion in America Looks Like Right Now: New York Magazine (1/19/17)

Trust Women Opposes Sen. Sessions Nomination: The Hill (1/19/17)

The Abortion Providers Who Will See Us Through a Trump Presidency: ThinkProgress (1/11/17)

Digging Deeper: In Conversation with Trust Women: Advent Activism (1/9/17)

Trust Women Foundation: For the Access to Reproductive Rights: International Press Portal for Human Rights and Peace (1/6/17)