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Reproductive Rights Survey

In the fall of 2015, Trust Women , a leading pro-choice and reproductive rights foundation, asked its supporters about what challenges and issues were most important to work on in the next few years. Here is a sampling of the data we collected.

We asked people to rank what they thought was most important for us to work on in the future:


  1. Repealing anti-choice laws
  2. Litigating current laws
  3. Grassroots organizing
  4. Lobbying

Direct Services

  1. Providing more preventative care in underserved areas (e.g. rural communities)
  2. Providing services outside of a traditional clinic setting (e.g. mobile health vans)
  3. Birth centers
  4. Providing later-term abortion services.

We asked people to rank states where we are not currently working that have serious access problems.

These were the top 10: Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Our respondents are pessimistic about the current state of clinic access. They were not able to predict how abortion access might change in the next few years and were not sure if a national abortion ban will pass Congress in the next five years. They definitely felt that there would be more acts of violence by anti-abortion extremists against providers.

We also asked respondents to rank various abortion restrictions on level of threat to access: 

  1. Mandated misinformation, biased counseling and fake abortion risks
  2. TRAP laws
  3. Medication abortion limits
  4. Abortion procedure bans
  5. Personhood laws
  6. 12-week ban
  7. Private insurance bans
  8. 20-week ban
  9. Parental consent laws
  10. Waiting periods