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2022 Annual Report: Beyond All Limits

From our Co-Executive Directors


The past year has been marked by unprecedented turmoil and hardship for millions of people across the country. An historic wave of abortion bans has removed abortion access from dozens of states, forcing thousands of people to leave their homes and travel hundreds of miles for basic, essential health care. But while states and courts have accelerated their rightward drift, we’ve also seen a growing movement of solidarity from our communities that support robust and meaningful access to abortion care. In the face of increasing hostility from those in power, our movement is responding with an unshakeable voice to take reproductive justice beyond all limits. 

Trust Women’s clinics in Oklahoma City and Wichita have been at the center of the story for years, and our role as abortion providers for the region has become even more critical over the past 12 months. As we write this letter, we are approaching the one-year anniversary of Texas’ SB 8, the bill that banned abortions after detection of cardiac activity, or around six weeks gestation. That law opened the floodgates to a wave of anti-abortion legislation that continues to wash over the country, as state legislatures become ever more emboldened by the apparent resilience of SB 8 against multiple legal challenges: 

  • In May, the state of Oklahoma banned all abortions beginning at fertilization, using a template directly provided by the authors of SB 8.

  • In June, the Supreme Court, fully under the authoritarian control of an extreme conservative majority, overturned Roe v Wade and Casey v Planned Parenthood in their decision Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Center. 

The landscape of abortion access changed immediately, with over a dozen states moving to enact trigger bans already on the books, and another dozen legislatures began efforts to ban abortion in their own states. In Kansas, voters bucked the trend and resoundingly rejected a constitutional amendment that would have left the door wide open for a future abortion ban. The galvanizing effect on the midterms remains to be seen. 

Throughout the upheaval of the past year, Trust Women’s supporters have stayed the course, providing essential funding, volunteer hours and other forms of support for staff and patients. You’ve knocked on doors, phone banked and shared messages of support across all forms of media. You’ve remained resolute in your belief that abortion care should remain local, that every person deserves access to the health care they need without having to travel out of their own communities. 

We couldn’t be more proud of our movement, especially during these tenuous months. In this post-Roe era, we stand in solidarity with our communities and comrades across our region and country who are demanding the return of full access to abortions: local, free and beyond all limits. 

In solidarity, 

Schaunta James-Boyd

Rebecca Tong

Co-Executive Directors