a photo of a reproductive rights rally in Wichita Kansas with a speaker and a crowd of participants

Centering stakes in conversations about abortion

Co-Executive Director Rebecca Tong recently appeared in the Wichita Eagle with an op-ed describing the importance of keeping the actual impact of abortion care in mind when talking about the politics of abortion. As she wrote in the editorial: 

Throughout the history of the reproductive rights movement, our understanding of choice has grown more inclusive of the lived experiences of people seeking abortion care, yet our fundamental belief in people’s right to make their own decisions about their bodies has remained unwavering. To treat choice as a flexible value rather than a foundation of individual and social freedom would be, for us, an abdication of the responsibility of care we owe to the communities we serve. It would open the door to even more of the kinds of restrictions we have seen decimate the reproductive health care field over the past fifty years since Roe v Wade. Our values are not situational.

You can read the rest of the article at the Eagle's website>>

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