Even More Ways to Support Us

It’s easy to support our work in a variety of ways. Beyond direct support like financial contributions, essential products or volunteering, you can also get involved through Donor-Advised Funds, or shopping programs like Kroger cards. Read more about each opportunity below.

Donor-Advised Funds
Donor-advised funds are charitable accounts that let donors contribute to public charities that sponsor DAF programs.

Learn more about how to contribute to us through a DAF here.

Kroger Cards and Community Rewards
You can support us every time you shop at any Kroger brand store. You can link your rewards card to our organization, so every time you use your rewards card, we will benefit. Kroger donated annually to their participating organizations based on your percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending associated with all Kroger Community Rewards organizations.

Add us to your Kroger Card here.

Contact Us

Volunteer with Trust Women to protect abortion access.

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