Current Support Needs

With abortion access across the country undergoing one of the most sustained attacks in recent years, clinics are being pushed to the limits to maintain services during these uncertain times. You can help support the Trust Women’s clinics continue to provide abortions and other essential reproductive health care with a one-time or sustaining contribution.

Your support will go directly toward replenishing clinic resources including PPE, medical supplies like ultrasound gel and pregnancy tests and in-house funds that provide financial assistance to patients including gas cards and hotel vouchers.

Clinic needs

The dramatic increase in volume of patients to Trust Women clinics means we’re going through basic medical supplies faster than ever. Your sustaining contribution can help shore up our inventory so that we’re ready to continue providing care to as many people as we can. Pregnancy tests, exam gloves, masks and blood tests are all essential to our continued operation.

Patient needs

Trust Women works with over a dozen independent abortion funds to help provide the best experience for our patients, regardless of their ability to pay. These funds provide support for travel--including lodging and meals--as well as cover the cost of their abortion, which can include IV sedation.

Staff needs

Our providers and support staff are working longer hours and more days each week to meet the increased demand brought on by regional abortion bans. You can support their hard work by contributing to cover the cost of physician flights, hiring additional part- and full-time support staff, and providing lunch and dinner to keep our staff energized and healthy.

You can also view and purchase items for the clinic directly by accessing our Amazon wish list >>

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement during these unprecedented times.

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