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Our Community Care Clinic in Oklahoma City is proud to offer patient-centered care for all Oklahomans looking for gender-affirming care, harm reduction services, or general sexual health care. Read more about each of our services, or jump straight to the care you’re interested in with the links below:  

Gender-affirming care >> 

Harm reduction services, including low-barrier buprenorphine and Hep-C treatment>> 

Sexual Health services>> 

Gender-affirming care 

Trust Women is proud to offer a range of gender-affirming services for our community. In addition to hormone therapy, we also provide referrals for legal and surgical services, and a free clothing exchange to help with social transition.  

Harm reduction services 

We currently offer telehealth and in-person appointments for people seeking treatment for substance use disorder. Our patient-centered approach means you set the terms of your treatment—we're here to help for now, for a while or to help you stop opioid use for good.  

We also provide harm reduction disposal and supplies including new syringes, safe needle disposal and free Naloxone. For people with a positive Hepatitis C diagnosis, we provide compassionate, patient-centered treatment options.  

Sexual Health Services 

Sexual health is community health. Trust Women is deeply committed to providing reproductive health care options to our community, including free Plan B and Condoms, STI testing and treatment, and birth control options like IUDs. We also provide PEP and PrEP treatment for HIV prevention.  

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