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Required Forms

Trust Women Oklahoma City is the only abortion clinic in Oklahoma City that serves women up to the legal limit.

All Oklahoma City patients are required to fill out the standard medical documentation (including patient information, medical history, privacy policy, etc.) while waiting for their first appointment.  Due to state law, some services require additional documentation.  These forms are only required for patients requiring abortion care.

Per Oklahoma state law, all patients seeking abortion care must be read the 72-hour consent information at least 72-hours prior to their appointment for such care. 

If a minor is unable to obtain parental consent, a Judicial Bypass must be obtained.  Please call our office at 405-429-7940 for more information. These forms are available for print but cannot be completed online.

All Non-Abortion Patients (GYN and patients who are transgender):

Abortion Patients 

Additional Forms for Minors Seeking Abortion Services:

Medical Records for Release