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Resources for Texas Patients

Texas' abortion ban, SB 8, has created many difficulties and confusion around how to best access abortion care for people living in Texas. If you're from Texas and need help to find an appointment outside of your state, you may find the following resources helpful. 

For scheduling an appointment at a Trust Women clinic, please consider the following steps: 


Schedule your appointment with Trust Women

Speak with our funding coordinator at the clinic of your choice.


Here’s a list of organizations to support your journey. 

Please note for most resources you will be required to have already scheduled an appointment for your abortion. 

National Network of Abortion Funds

Provides referrals for direct funding sources by state


Lilith Fund

Funding for abortion services in central and southern regions of Texas


Call: (877)-659-4304 English;  (877)-355-1461 Español


Travel and Accommodation

Fund Texas Choice

Provides travel assistance to Texans seeking an abortion. 

They can help plan and fund accommodation and transportation. 

Call (844)-900-8908. Please make sure to leave a message with a phone number they can use to call you back. Fund Texas Choice will return your phone call in 1-2 business days. 


The Bridge Collective

A volunteer organization that provides free rides to abortion appointments. Volunteers are trained, vetted and complete background checks. Make sure to call at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment for the best likelihood of receiving a ride. 


Call (512)524-9822 and leave a message with a call back number. You can also fill out an online support request at:

The Brigid Alliance

Arranges and funds travel and related needs to support individuals who are forced to travel for later abortion care. 

Visit their Need Support page if you qualify for support through their referral system with partner clinics in New York, DC, Maryland, New Mexico or Colorado. 

Visit: ​​

Frontera Fund:

Helps fund travel, lodging and care.

Call their Helpline: 956-887-0706


Mariposa Fund

Provides financial support to undocumented people seeking abortion caree. 


Contact: (505)-242-7512 (Español)


Minors and Judicial Bypass

Jane’s Due Process

Judicial Bypass- assisting minor patients (under 18 years old) seeking an abortion who are unable to have parental consent. 


Call the free 24/7 hotline (866)-999-5263. 




Judicial Bypass for Abortion: Learn about the judicial bypass system and how Jane’s Due Process can assist you

Referral Attorney Network

24/7 Hotline to answer questions (call or text)

Emancipation Information

Birth Control Access

Know your rights

Resources for those experiencing abuse

Title IX- rights to education

More information on the Judicial Bypass process for each state can be found on the  If/When/How website:

If you are seeking an abortion in Kansas and will require a Judicial Bypass specific information can be found at:

If you are seeking an abortion in Oklahoma and will require a Judicial Bypass specific information can be found at: