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Resources for Oklahoma Patients

What you need to know about getting an abortion in Oklahoma

On May 3, 2022, Oklahoma’s Governor Stitt signed an abortion ban into law that makes abortions after six weeks (or the detection of cardiac activity) illegal. If this seems familiar, that’s because it is modeled after Texas’ SB 8. 

We are here to help you. Trust Women is still open and providing care. We’ve put together some resources for Oklahoma residents who may be seeking abortion care. 


Schedule your appointment with Trust Women

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Speak with our funding coordinator at the clinic of your choice.


Here’s a list of resources to support your abortion. Please note that for most resources you will be required to already have an appointment at a clinic. 

Roe Fund

The Roe Fund assists residents of Oklahoma in obtaining financial support for their abortions. 

Visit: Roe Fund Website

National Network of Abortion Funds

Provides referrals for direct funding sources by state

Visit: NNAF website

Minors and Judicial Bypass

If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice

Use their hotline to receive free and confidential information on your legal rights, including the judicial bypass system: 844-868-2812

More information on the Judicial Bypass process for each state can be found on the  If/When/How website:

If you are seeking an abortion in Kansas and will require a Judicial Bypass specific information can be found at:

If you are seeking an abortion in Oklahoma and will require a Judicial Bypass specific information can be found at: