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Clinics Overview

Trust Women opened its first clinic in Wichita, KS in April 2013 to re-establish access to reproductive health care in the region. The Oklahoma City clinic opened in September 2016.

The Wichita clinics is the only clinics in its community to offer medication and surgical abortion services. As of May 26th, 2022, abortion is illegal in Oklahoma.

Are you currently seeking abortion care or other services? You can reach our clinics directly by clicking a location below.


Before Trust Women opened, Wichita was the state's largest metropolitan area without an abortion provider. Oklahoma City had the same history, as well as Trust Women being the first new abortion provider to open in Oklahoma in more than 40 years. From the founding of Trust Women in 2009, our expertise has been in fighting for expanded access to abortion care and opening clinics in underserved and politically hostile areas of the country.

Our successes in Kansas and Oklahoma demonstrate the need for abortion care regardless of the political climate. We are proud to be on the front lines of this struggle. Our experiences in every area of the fight for reproductive rights—from the legislature to clinical care, from policy to practice—gives Trust Women a unique perspective on the real impact access and the lack thereof has on women and communities.

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Each Trust Women clinic offers high-quality reproductive health care, including abortions. One of our mottos, which Dr. Tiller recited consistently, is, “They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” These are words we live by at Trust Women. Clinic staff take pride in these words. For a descriptive list of services, please visit our Wichita or Oklahoma City clinic pages.

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