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To Protect Reproductive Freedom, Vote in State and Local Races

Julie Burkhart, October 21, 2020

With the stakes for this election getting higher by the day and millions of Americans casting their ballots early, all signs point to a record-breaking turnout in November.

Now more than ever, reproductive rights are on the ballot — and not just at the top of the ticket.

While contests for president and Congress dominate the headlines, state legislators and governors play a critical role in protecting — or restricting — abortion access nationwide. Since 2011, state legislatures have passed more than 400 laws restricting access to abortion, pushing abortion care further out of reach for millions of women across the country. Last year alone, 25 new abortion bans were signed into law, primarily in the South and Midwest, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Now, with conservatives poised to hold a solid majority on the Supreme Court, far-right politicians at the state level will feel even more emboldened to pursue an extreme anti-choice agenda.

The good news is we’ve shown we can fight back. Earlier this year, Trust Women helped stop an extreme anti-choice amendment from going to the ballot in Kansas. Since 2014, Trust Women volunteers and organizers have knocked on well over 250,000 doors. And in states across the country, pro-choice legislators are taking steps to preserve abortion access — regardless of who controls the Supreme Court.

That’s why, before you head to the polls or mail your ballot, make sure you know where your state legislative candidates stand on reproductive rights. View a sample ballot and look for scorecards, like Trust Women’s voter guides to legislative races in Kansas and Oklahoma. Above all, make sure to vote all the way down your ballot — no skipping races!

Don’t let state legislators trample on your rights. This year send them a message that your body is your choice, and you’re voting like your rights depend on it.