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What is Choice? 

Choice is the opportunity to make decisions about your body, life and family autonomously, and to have the access to resources to make those decisions. Limited access means limited choice, and that’s why Trust Women’s vision is that all women will have access to health care, including abortions, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay.

In 2012, Trust Women created the ‘What is Choice’ project to produce a series of videos to highlight circumstances in everyday life where reproductive choice is endangered. Even though Roe v. Wade still stands and abortions remain legal, women must have access to abortion providers to truly make reproductive decisions for themselves.

We hope these videos help you better understand the real implications of lack of access to contraception and abortion services, especially in the Midwest and South. Choice also means equality and justice within reproductive rights - a critical part of the choice movement. That’s why we open clinics in underserved communities and help to find providers and care for patients.       

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