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We're Going Beyond All Limits

After a year of unprecedented attacks on abortion rights across the country, we're flipping the script and celebrating all the ways that Trust Women and our supporters and allies have gone above and beyond to protect access to abortions in the midwest. 

Join us on October 22nd for an evening of reflection and celebration. We're incredibly honored to present our keynote speakers for the evening: Oklahoma State Representative Mauree Turner; and Loretta Ross, reproductive justice all-star and founder of Sister Song. 

RSVP at the link below. We can't wait to see you there! 

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Oklahoma State Representative, Mauree Turner

Representative Turner (they/them) is the first Muslim elected in Oklahoma, and the first non-binary person elected to a state level position in US history, they understand why equitable and accurate representation matters. This has led them to work with the NAACP of Oklahoma, CAIR Oklahoma, Freedom Oklahoma, and a continuously growing number of grassroots organizations in the state.

Oklahoma State Representative, Mauree Turner

Loretta Ross

Loretta Ross (she/her), is currently associate professor at Smith College and expert on subjects regarding racism, racial justice, women’s rights and human rights. Her work emphasizes the intersectionality of social justice issues and how intersectionality can fuel transformation. She is also known as the founder of SisterSong, a pioneer organization in reproductive justice. 

Loretta Ross, founder of SisterSong