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Reproductive and community healthcare for all people.

About Us

Founded in 2009, our organization provides access to healthcare for those in need. Established first to provide abortion care, our services have expanded outside Kansas.

Our clinic in Oklahoma provides gender-affirming care and low-barrier medication-assisted treatment for opioid use. Both our locations in Kansas and Oklahoma provide sexual health services.

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What We Do

✽ Abortions
✽ Gender Affirming Care
✽ Medication Assisted Treatment
✽ Sexual Health Services

We offer essential healthcare services to our communities. You can find resources for abortions, gender-affirming care, medication-assisted opioid use treatment, and sexual health services.

a collage of trans and nonbinary folx surrounded by flags and flowers

GA care is life-saving medical care for trans, non-binary and two-spirit people. Trust Women’s OKC clinic is dedicated to expanding access to gender affirming health care to our community.

A safe choice for people with tolerance to opioids, actively using opioids including fentany and heroin, and is beneficial in reducing withdrawal symptoms in those actively using opioids.

Take control of your sexual health with services from Trust Women. We offer the resources you and your partners need to have safer sex.


You can find resources for patient care as well as how to support our mission on the links below.

Take Action

Healthcare is essential and every day access to safe healthcare is being threatened. Take action today to help support our mission!

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Volunteer with Trust Women to protect abortion access.

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